About us

| Passion | Purpose | Promise

Everyone at ShutterStyle direct is passionate about what we do.

Our passion is to assist discerning homeowners like you to live in aesthetic harmony; delivering your desire for stunning window treatments to every room of your home.

Our promise is to deliver the best products – built using premium materials, at the lowest prices possible – direct to you from our manufacturer, accompanied with a first-class customer service experience that you’ll want to recommend to your friends.

Put simply, we have a mission to beautify as many homes and streets with gorgeous window shutters as we can. Together, let’s make Britain beautiful…!

ShutterStyle direct has been supplying high quality made-to-measure plantation shutters to the trade for some time, those companies then market them under their own brands, some of which are household names.

Our manufacturing facility is overseas and therefore there is a lead-time for your shutters to be made and delivered. This is the same for all shutter companies, but good things are worth waiting for… our custom-made shutters will add style and panache to your home and will be well worth the wait!

With over 40 years’ experience, we know a thing or two about import & manufacturing. We have experienced inspection teams overseas and stringent checking procedures in place to ensure only the best quality made-to-measure products are supplied to you.

Based in Southampton – close to one of the UK’s busiest ports – we have an efficient distribution and fitting network covering the whole of Britain and Ireland.

After successfully supplying the trade for many years, we felt that the time was right to offer our products direct to you. The high retail cost of quality plantation shutters, and their fashionable popularity, means that our offer of the same products direct from the manufacturer at much lower prices, makes your decision of where to buy your new shutters an easy one!

We like to stay ahead of our competitors and are always looking to improve our product range, for instance our latest product is The Guardsman – an intruder- resistant metal shutter. Looking just like our premium hardwood shutter styles, they are made using aluminium and steel, with shoot-bolt security locks. Offering greater security to any vulnerable access area, they also provide additional peace of mind to owners who are away from home for periods of time

We try to keep our business to you simple and clear cut. We offer a FREE measuring survey and a payable fitting service to all customers but also sell our shutters as a DIY purchase for you to fit your own, or to have them fitted by a competent DIY tradesperson of your choice. Our Guardsman, intruder-resistant range requires a two- man specialist fit because they are much heavier than our hardwood and Waterproof Shutters.

Our customer services team is available to help and assist you every step of the way, so there is no need to worry about things – you simply contact us and ask: we will answer in as sensible and jargon-free way as possible. As was said earlier, we just want to help you create the home you always dreamed of as easily as possible!

So that’s a bit about us and how ShutterStyle direct operates. We like to be open and upfront with our customers, particularly since we rely on recommendations for a large percentage of our business! Thank you for reading our About us page and now you can go ahead and order your beautiful window shutters!