Some common questions and answers

Why choose ShutterStyledirect for your plantation shutters?
  • The quality of our premium products is as high, and as well engineered, as any bespoke plantation shutters that can be purchased in the UK today.
  • Even though many of our competitors offer additional discounts, you’ll find that our prices are significantly lower than anyone else.
  • We cover the whole of Great Britain, with our teams of fully skilled, experienced measuring surveyors and fitters spread through the country.
  • You can buy your made-to-measure shutters with a full home-fitting service, or you can decide to fit them yourself. If you decide to take the DIY route, we’ll still come to survey and measure your windows to ensure that your bespoke shutters fit perfectly.
  • Our customers benefit from an excellent customer care telephone service, available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.
How do I purchase your shutters?
  • Simply watch the ‘How to Order’ presentation which will take just a few minutes of your time, and see just how easy it is to choose your design, style and colour, get a price, and book a measuring survey.
What styles and designs do you offer?

We offer five main types:

  • Café-style shutters are designed to cover the bottom half of your windows, offering a high level of privacy, while also allowing a large amount of light into your room. It’s a design much favoured by continental brassieres, and lends a chic elegance to your home.
  • Full-height shutters are just that, covering the full height of your windows
  • Tier-on-tier provides a wonderful combination of café-style and full-height shutters, and is incredibly versatile. The shutters are divided in two – meaning that you could fold the upper line of shutters back, but keep the lower line in place, just like Café-style, or you could decide to open a single shutter top and bottom, but keep all the others in place.  You decide exactly what’s right for you in terms of their positioning.
  • Shaped shutters are made specially to fit your non-square windows, those that have a specific style, shape, or arch. Bespoke-made, they are the perfect way to retain the individual character of your property, and as such are the ideal solution for period and character properties.
  • Tracked shutters are designed to enable large window areas to be covered, such as an entrance into a conservatory, or French Windows into the garden or onto a terrace. As their name implies, they are tracked and designed to fold neatly back to allow free access and maximum light, but can be moved back to cover the whole window space quickly and easily.
  • Intruder-resistant Guardsman shutters, are our latest design. Constructed from aluminium, with steel locking-bolts, Guardsman offers additional security to your home, and for you and your family.  Perfect for downstairs, or other vulnerable rooms, as well as holiday or second homes which aren’t permanently occupied, Guardsman shutters provide peace of mind, and added security!
How do I open and close your shutters – is there a choice of control mechanisms?

We offer three separate methods of operating your plantation shutters:

  1. The first is the traditional option of a tilt rod. This is usually in the centre of wooden shutters, but you can also choose to have that rod offset to the side.
  2. Or you could select a metal sidebar, which is right on the frame and is much less obvious than a centre, or offset tilt bar.
  3. The more contemporary solution is to go for a completely hidden mechanism. This enables you to open and close your shutters by simply moving a single louvre, which also then moves all the others on that shutter in the same way.  This option costs around 15% more, but is well worth it if this style of operation is the one you prefer.


How much does it cost to have my shutters fitted?
  • We charge  per square metre to fit your shutters, although the measuring service is completely free. However, Guardsman, intruder-resistant shutters cost slightly more to install, since they require to two people to fit them.  We’ll give a totally separate cost for installation, so if you want to fit them yourselves (and feel confident to do so) then your new shutters from ShutterStyledirect will offer even better value for money.
  • If you want to go with the DIY option, then you might feel that you can measure the windows yourself, as well. Well of course you could, but we don’t want you to take the risk of measuring them incorrectly.  That’s why we’re offering a free measurement service by one of our experienced surveyors.
How long will I have to wait for my shutters?
  • The lead -time for your bespoke shutters to be made and delivered is eight to ten weeks from payment of order.
What If I want my shutters super-quick, or need an urgent replacement?
  • If you can’t wait the eight to ten weeks of normal delivery and want your new shutters sooner, or you need an emergency replacement, we can arrange express airfreight which will take just 2-4 weeks. However, this priority service incurs an additional cost, for which we’re naturally happy to quote.
Do I need any spare parts?
  • We would encourage you have a couple of extra louvres made with every shutter in case of unforeseen accidents, together with matching edge batons to cover gaps since most windows are not square. Our surveyor, when he or she visits, will be able to discuss this with you. 
When do I pay for the shutters?
  • We ask for 50% payment when you accept our quotation and place an order, following the measurements being confirmed by one of our surveyors. This is because your shutters are made specifically for you.   We then request the remaining 50% after your shutters are installed – we’ll also only ask you to pay for fitting once your new shutters are installed.  If you are fitting them yourself, we will call you to arrange delivery and you will need to pay the remaining 50% before delivery.
Is there a booking fee?
  • The measurement survey is completely FREE, although obviously we hope to persuade you to buy your shutters from us. In fact, given their quality and excellent direct-from-the-factory price, we think you’d be foolish not to!
How long does it take to have a measuring surveyor attend?
  • We aim to arrange your survey within five working days. However, this timescale is subject to your location and other factors, such as the availability of surveyors at busy times of the year, etc.


Can I fit my own shutters?
  • All purchases come with the benefit of a FREE measuring survey, so that we (and you) can be certain of a perfect fit for your new shutters. Once this survey is completed, you can use our fitting service or fit the shutters yourself.
What if I measure and it is just under or over a metre mark?
  • The price per square metre will be rounded off to the nearest half square metre and higher number. For instance, if your window measures 3.6 sq. metres the price will be rounded off to 4 sq. metres, or if its 3.4 sq. metres it will be rounded off to 3.5 sq. metres.
What if I have a dado rail or tiles where the frame should fit?
If you’ve a dado rail or tiles protruding into the area that your shutters need to fit into, order a frame with a cut–out to match those protrusions.  The great thing about made-to-measure shutters is that they are completely customisable
What type of shutters should I order for bathrooms kitchens and laundry rooms?
  • You should order our ABS, Palm Beach, waterproof shutters for any room where there is high humidity or water. Please note that the style’s sides are slightly wider than our hardwood styles.
How do I clean my shutters?
  • In the case of hardwood shutters (Havana & Belair), just a duster should suffice. Since they are spray painted, we do not recommend using any form of detergent or cleaning agent on this product.

Our waterproof (Palm Beach) and Intruder-resistant (Guardsman) aluminium shutters can be cleaned with a damp cloth, though.

Our price promise:

It is our guarantee that we will not be beaten on price.

We promise that if you find the same product, in the same size, and with the same specification at a cheaper price, we will refund the difference.